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We have been set up to share with you latest information for crypto charity, inspire volunteers, who would be keen to donate for different causes around the world, using cryptocurrency, in the same time to spread positive awareness for blockchain technologies overall. If you find any of our blog posts useful, consider donating to the official charities we linked to on our website.

Donating Food

Community members in the past have teamed up to feed the needy in different countries.

Medical Care

Urgent medical bills, in various situations, from young people, to older audience have been supported.

Talents, Homeless children & Animal Shelters

We have helped children and animal shelters, needing various financial needs.

Our main goal is to make crypto donations easier!


We’ve funded nearly 40 charity events around the world.

The journey started back in 2021, and various tokens, community members from around the world, crypto teams have contributed, and hosted charity events. If you want to make a crypto donation, we are happy to share your story. A reliable provider for crypto charity is BitGive.



Recent Causes

Explore Our Causes

We have covered up our latest charity events here, to keep the community updated!

Help Victims in the Turkey Earthquake

By Haluk Levent

A Turkish rock music singer who helped revive the long forgotten Anatolian rock genre in the 1990s. Owns the NGO Ahbap.



Child Care

Foundation for Slum Care in Thailand

The Foundation provides daycare homes with training workshops covering a wide range of topics. 






Feeding the Needy in Shijak, Albania

A community driven effort that was supported by two Ethereum tokens, and it’s communities, to support poor families from a rural area in Albania.





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Recent Events

Latest Fundraiser Campaigns

Stay updated with our latest Fundraiser Events!

Support Victims in the Turkey Earthquake

Official Fundraiser by Haluk Levent @ Ahbap NGO, approved by Turkey and ran by Mr. Levent -a Turkish rock music singer who helped revive the long forgotten Anatolian rock genre in the 1990s. 

Support Victims in the Syria Eartquake

Campaign is upcoming, bookmark our blog to stay tuned for information and details regarding official charities supporting Syrians affected by the Eartquake with crypto.

Become A Volunteer For Crypto & Charity

AltcoinsCharity is here to bring awareness to cryptocurrency as a whole.

We Can't Help Everyone, But Everyone Can Help Someone

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